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Specialized & General Contracting
Our company has been offering quality general and specialized contracting services for years and we sincerely hope to put our expertise to work for you on your next project. One of the many features and services that our clients have come to expect is our specialized ability to produce substantive budgets. We do this by utilizing our extensive experience in the project fields that we have dealt with for over seven years. We can search our database and typically make very accurate estimates for many different types of construction projects so that our clients will have a good idea of the cost associated with their project from our end.
Design-build & Management
Vamar Construction offers not only general contracting, but design-build options that can result in a substantial cost decreases in some types of projects. This is made possible by allowing us to manage and effectively stream-line the cost and schedule of your project. We offer some of the most reliable and utilized construction management in the GTA. Our team can be your eyes and ears from the very beginning to the end of your project, or simply start from any point on your project time line. We can help to ensure that your project stays on schedule, within budget and is kept at the utmost quality. If you choose Vamar Construction for your next project you are choosing quality.
Our Commitment To You
Our commitment to you is that your project is our project, your deadline is our deadline and your budget is our budget. Our management team is among the best at creatively problem solving before and during construction to ensure that all of your project goals are met and that you are highly satisfied. We offer impressive services for General Contracting, Specialized Contracting, Project Management, Design Build Projects and Remodels of almost any type of property. Please contact Vamar Construction today to learn more about all of our services and book an appointment to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable customer services representatives.

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Time Tells All
There is an old folk saying that states, “Time tells all.” Over seven years have passed since our company founders first started working in the construction industry and like the countless customized projects that we have completed over the years Vamar Construction has built a reputation that is the highest quality in our industry. Every client that we make happy is another brick added to our company’s foundation. We build to impress and the long list of highly satisfied clients that we have will show you that the quality and craftsmanship of work speaks for itself. We are an honest company that deeply believes that it is easier to maintain integrity, rather than regain it, so you are going to get our best the first time, every time.
Our Craftsmanship Cannot Be Beat
Do you want to know what makes our construction company different from all the others in Toronto? That's simple, it's our acute attention to detail. We pay attention to everything. If we do a design build for you, it will be to the letter. If we win a bid for a specialized part of your project, it will be the very definition of precision. Our attention to detail is legendary and we will always deliver a quality product to you at the most cost-effective way possible, while still staying within your time line. You will find that our number one priority is you and completing your project on time and within budget. We are always health and safety conscience and our team members will treat your property like its their own.
Our Craftsmanship Cannot Be Beat
When trying to ensure that you project is going to stay on budget, it is extremely important to have good and open communication between all parties that are going to be involved in your project. You need to make sure that your project manager is openly communicating with all of the subcontractors involved with the undertaking and any other company or individual that is going to be associated with your project. Along with our already phenomenal preconstruction estimate services Vamar Construction likes to incorporate fixed price contracting into most general contracting projects. We look forward to working on your project.