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General Contracting

Communication is an important aspect of project management, and you want your project manager to know the status of various aspects of the project at all times and keep things flowing. Ours will.

Office Renos

A lot of planning goes into office renovations, and we make sure that everything is organized in an efficient and affordable manner.

Washroom Renos

Washroom renovations need to be handled with care, and we do just that in handling these details for you.

Building Renos

Getting a building renovated is often an exhaustive process, but we use our vast amount of experience to get it done right.


Plumbing is one of those aspects of the building that many don't put a lot of thought into, but we know how important it is.


HVAC, especially in the GTA, is of utmost importance for the comfort and safety of those in the building, and we treat it with care.


Electricity is essential for every building, and it needs to be installed and maintained carefully, something that we ensure happens.

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Changing the look of a piece of land is an important step that many businesses take, and we will make sure that it's done with care.


Stonework can really beautify a structure, and we take pride in ensuring that the stonework projects that we oversee result in beauty.

Windows & Doors

Another of our specialties is working with windows and doors, including aspects related to glazing and automation as well as glass partitions.


Railings provide safety as well as an aesthetic addition to a commercial structure, and we make sure that the installation of them is a smooth process.